What do you see when you walk through a park, forest, or dune landscape? You maybe see the trees, the soil, the grass and the sky, the same elements you see every day. But are you really looking or does it all just pass you by?
What if you stop for a moment and let the sounds sink in, notice the reflections of the light and how the wind keeps everything moving. Then you really start experiencing the landscape.
This is the nature I search for trough my photography. My photos show you the landscape in a way we normally miss if we don’t take the time to stand still and let it in.
It gives people a new perspective on the common landscapes they visit which usually hold a lot of unseen beauty.
Even the water in lakes and ditches reveals some of its beauty on the surface, if you just take the time to really look.
For questions you can contact me at: info@mandymetz.nl
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