In recent years, the issue of melting ice due to global warming has garnered significant attention in the media. Ice is disappearing at an alarming rate worldwide, whether it be on land, in the sea, or in the mountains. The Arctic sea ice could disappear completely during the month of September as early as the 2030s. Even if the world makes significant cuts to planet-heating pollution today, the Arctic could still see summers free of sea ice by 2050
With my "New mountains" I aim to shed light on this pressing issue. Instead of capturing the glaciers themselves or emphasizing their differences, I have chosen a unique approach, by  creating miniature landscapes within melting ice blocks to convey the landscapes that may have once existed but are now rapidly disappearing.
Each photograph within the series showcases a scene captured in the cracks of a melting block of ice. These miniature ice landscapes represent the fragile beauty and environmental significance of the disappearing glacial ecosystems. 

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